How Allocacoc’s Powercube Ensures That One Wall Wart Won’t Block Any Of The Other Four Outlets

The rapid growth and development in technology brings us consumers a number of delightful products. From hidden cameras, spy cams to self driving cars, there is no shortage of things that help make our life a tab bit easier. On a lower scale, the innovative Powercube from Allocacoc is a piece of equipment that can help solve the charging dilemma we always encounter in our lives.

With multiple devices in our lives, there is always a lack of charging outlets and ports that don’t fit. Some of us find it easier to remove the adaptor out of the equation and plug the device into a USB slot in the wall power outlet.

Knowing this, the Powercube from Allocacoc packs in up to four or five sockets in their plug. If you opt for the four socket version, the Powercube includes two USB sockets in that extra space too so people can plug in their devices directly and charge it.

However, while the above features are impressive, the most significant feature in the Powercube is that no plug obstructs the use of another socket. The unique design of the Powercube includes sockets on every open side of the plug. This way, no socket interrupts the usage of the adjoining socket, allowing you to use all four or five of the sockets without any hesitation.

That is not the only unique features available in the Powercube from Allocacoc. You will also find that the wall plug works on a unique modular system, which is unheard of in the world of wall plugs and adapters. If you want more power outlets, you can easily add more Allocacoc Powercubes in a daisy chain method and get what you want. If you plug a five socket Powercube into another five cube, there will be a total of nine available. Just ensure that the total load is not greater than fifteen amperes.

The small form factor of these Powercubes also make it easy to carry on the go or when you are leaving on your vacation. The dimensions of the Powercubes are just 3.9 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and come with a weight of eleven and a half pounds so shoving them in to your bag for your vacation is not going to take up much of a footprint.

While the Powercubes does not come with power conditioning or protection against suppressing surge, it does offer a fuse that can be reset so there is enough protection for your device in the event of a power surg. A USB port on the wall plug gives out five volts and two amperes of power to a USB device. It works with almost any device that can be charged with a USB port; be it your iPhone, MP3 player or power bank.

The minimalistic design of the Allocacoc Powercube makes it perfectly suited for use either at your work place or at home and for those with a power outlet issue, it is a must have purchase.


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