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About Allocacoc


Allocacoc was founded by two industrial design engineers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Since its conception, Allocacoc has focused on setting a different standard. Such a standard is not limited to a country’s borders, so we had a strong international focus already from the beginning. In fact, our first order did not even come from the Netherlands, but from Germany.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission: Our mission is to improve the design and value of existing products that provide a new user experience, and make them accessible to every household in the world.
  • Vision: To be a company that inspires you with products of a different standard.
  • Values: We value innovation and constant human development. We believe that our work will strive to make the world a better place with the use of better, simpler, and most effective products. 

process allocacoc

Design With only a nice shape we will not be able to create a change. This is why functionality is important: a product should offer a solution to a problem that current products on the market do not address
Our products should also be widely available: from the largest hypermarket to the smallest neighborhood convenience store. This means that we need a well defined distribution model, with a clear role and value for every link in the distribution chain
We pay close attention to the cost: it needs to be affordable for the end user to buy the product. Only when these two criteria are met will it be worthwhile for the end user to adapt the different standard 

Our company culture

Flexibility and openness are reigning themes at our offices. We have several offices worldwide, spanning multiple continents. We have adopted the open workspace concept at each of our office, as this promotes easy communication and collaboration among the employees. Our offices are very open, with no separate “director’s office”: everyone sits at the same table. There is no such thing as assigned seating, everyone is free to sit wherever they want, improving internal communication.

However employees that do seek privacy are given options to do so. There is no strict hierarchy, everyone is encouraged to bring up new ideas, which are often also implemented. Managers are not there to control but rather to encourage teamwork, independent thinking and innovation. This results in a very dedicated team. We often do not refer to Allocacoc as a company, but rather as a family.  

Social Corporate Responsibility

We are proud of having an exceptional chain of supply in which the products are overseen in each level of the process to avoid waste. Furthermore, we strive to give back to our community by sponsoring different causes throughout the years