More Consistent Cascading

We engineered a solution for DAXv2 to work out of the box, every time. By reinforcing the body and giving it a structured shape among other tweaks, cascading is smoother, straighter, and more consistent.

All New Material

DAXv2 is constructed from an ultra-fine microfibre material handpicked for its futuristic quality and its synergy with our manufacturing capabilities.

Speedy Scans with One Hand

Keep your most frequently used scanner card in the back pocket for speedy one handed access. A quick slide with your thumb separates it from the rest of your RFID cards.

Carry Less, Hustle Light

As digital nomads who are constantly on the move ourselves, we see a lot of potential in reimagining how we organize our lives to to help us hustle faster, go further, and still stay fresh and sane at the end of the day.





Water Proof

Skin: microfiber leather + PU; Cards: PP


up to 6 cards (or 5 cards + cash)