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Frequently Asked Questions

A: In theory, the PowerCube can be extended infinitely, as long as the devices you connect do not draw more than the rating specified on the product. However, we recommend you to attach no more than two PowerCubes to one mounted PowerCube.

A: Before applying the tape, make sure that the surface is smooth and free of any dust and grease/oil. When placing the dock upside own, we recommend to use screws for a more permanent fix.

A: You can take a look at our blog and updates on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. For more information, you are welcome to send us an email at info@allocacoc.us or give us a call at (949) 861-4992.

A: This depends on the type of surface; wood, stone or brick. Please advise your local hardware store which screws to use for your surface. E.g for solid wood (not compressed)you can use wood screws 3.0 x 16mm.

A: Insert a pin on the back of the PowerCube right under where it says "RESET FUSE" and move it to the left. This will reset your PowerCube and should solve the problem

A: This protects your devices from a power outage. You just have to Reset the Fuse on the back.

A: The standby power various between 0.18W - 0.3W

A: The USB port produces a light buzz when it enters standby modus. All products that use electricity and function make noise. If it does not make a noise than its broken. The noise itself is harmless.

A: The receiver in the product uses 0.15W in standby modus

A: All our PowerCubes have child-locks. Meaning, there are shutters preventing direct access to the metal construction. The shutters will only open if both are pushed at the same time.

A: The child lock/shutters need to slide open first. Brutal force will only make it harder to slide open. 'wiggling' the plug from left to right will push the shutters sideways and open up.

A: This depends per model. If so it will be indicated on the packaging

A: Surge protection (reacts fast) will kick in when it is detecting a voltage peak. Like when lightning strikes, or in countries where the powering is not stable. Overload protection (reacts slightly slower)will kick in when the user is running too much power through the products. The overload protection is not fast enough to react on a fast voltage peak.

A: This depends per model. The maximum wattage is indicate on the packaging as well as on the back side of the product.

A: Nothing will happen with the product since they are build with a safety margin. The fuses in your house might need to be replaced/reset.

A: Yes. The PowerCube is as safe as any other power outlet, and built to last. Also, it is fully grounded, and all sockets are child-proof.

A: What differentiates the PowerCube is its versatility: it can be mounted anywhere with the unique docking system. Besides this, the PowerCube' design also ensures that plugs do not block each other. Furthermore, the PowerCube is a modular system: it is stackable and expandable enabling you to create a solution which tailors to your needs.

A: Many of our products feature power plugs and/or sockets, which vary greatly throughout the world. Even though there might look similar in appearance, the internal construction can be totally different: for example, a grounded pin being male or female results in a totally different internal construction.

A: The USB ports provide 2.1A of power. Quadruple the USB standard of 0.5A. As a result the charging time will be shorter than charging via USB port on your computer. There is a built-in chip which detects how many devices are connected and adjusts according to this. So if only one device is connected, it will be able to use the full 2.1A output. If two are connected, they share this total output.

A: By pressing the button, enough kinetic energy is created to send a pulse to the PowerCube Remote.

A: Chances are we actually do! You are most welcome to mail your resume to jobs@allocacoc.us.

A: At Allocacoc, we are designers at heart: we come up with clever solutions to problems, resulting in original products. Of course, this does not go unnoticed: as our products gain popularity, "remarkably similar" products are starting to appear on the market. We actually consider this as an honor though: being copied is the greatest recognition a product can get. This also confirms that we live up to our name, and really do set a different standard. Of course we also take action, focusing on the following aspects:

  • Protection of our intellectual property rights on internal construction, design and utility.

  • never stoping to innovate: as copycats are copying a product, we are already working on its "version 2.0."

  • An extensive focus on build quality and product safety.

  • A good pricing strategy: Even before we start designing a product, we already have a target price in mind. This enables us to make crucial decisions throughout the process, and ensures that all products we design will be affordable to the end consumer. The fact that we do not charge any "design fees" or other hidden costs often creates unique situation where the copy is more expensive than the original.

Thinking through all details and keeping the complete user experience of our products in mind, from the unboxing to the installation and extensive usage.